In loving memory of Betty Wahrer by her daughter Elaine Gifford and FHDR
alumni Mackey.

In Loving Memory of Mike Faber

In memory of Baylee. “My Best Girl Ever!” – Denise Renaud

Donation given In loving memory of Carla’s Bella by Jessica VandenBerg

Donation given in loving memory of Elvis by Lisa Cherry

Donation given in memory of Rylee Ferber.

Donation given by Jessica Vandenberg in memory of Max beloved dog of Maureen Keehnle.

Memorial donation made in loving memory of Karen Mahon, Sister of Jan Ellsworth. Given by Jan Ellsworth and Maggie Ruggle.

Donation made in loving memory of Moose – May 16, 2007- June 6, 2015. By Kelly and Ben Collette

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